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Republic Of Dreams / Autarkeia

Split 7″

Black Vinyl | 500 copies
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Another lovely little split derived from a great friendship from across the oceans. Autarkeia is from Ft. Myers FL and drops one epic track of pained, heavy emo – giant riffs and chaotic intensity complete with furious female vocals. Made of half Jiyuna and half Merkit personnel. Republic of Dreams hails from Germany and Poland and play maniacal emo-violence of the first order – swirling chaos and pounding filth have never sounded so good. 4 tracks in about 4 minutes on their side and there is no time for breathing – pure mastery of the genre from the masters – ex Resurrectionists and Louise Cyphre. These are screenprinted, and it’s a split release with Zegema Beach, Suspended Soul, IFB, React with Protest, and Moment of Collapse.

Track List

  1. REPUBLIC OF DREAMS – Dooh Nibor
  2. REPUBLIC OF DREAMS – Would You Like Some Sauce To These Toxins?
  3. REPUBLIC OF DREAMS – No Pretense
  4. REPUBLIC OF DREAMS – Don’t Live By Any Letter
  5. AUTARKEIA – A Constant

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