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Does Your Brain Know When You’re Dead? – Cassette Tape

Purple Cassette | 100 copies

CDR returns! Following a 2019 promo tape that promised a full length “soon,” the DC quintet finally comes back to show the world that it’s better late than never. Recalling hardcore greats like RKL and Poison Idea, CDR plays LOUD, urgent music that is dense with riffs and topped off with clever, sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics focused on the brutality and absurdity of modern life – tackling issues like the healthcare crisis, psychosis, car-dependant infrastructure, and the prison of masculinity. Wild, playful leads keep you on your toes as songs reinvent themselves multiple times before collapsing into screaming wails of feedback that makes the listener wonder “Is this the life I was promised?” as they dance their way into an apocalyptic future.