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Autarkeia / Me And Goliath

Split 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

US vs. UK in an epic emo collaboration here. Autarkeia from Ft. Myers FL plays dark and moody emo with passionate female vocals coupled with powerful lyrics. The material on this split is often darker and heavier than the first LP, using brooding, building riffs then blast beating it into oblivion. Hailing from Kent, UK, Me and Goliath play frantic driving emo with the perfect mix of raw energy and desperation. Take the modern driving emo sound and stir in a good dose of Assfactor 4 and you’re in the neighborhood. These are packaged in a screenprinted fold up sleeve with a photo inserted into the cover. This is a split release from IFB, React With Protest, and City 17 Records.

Track List

  1. ME AND GOLIATH – Captain’s Curse
  2. ME AND GOLIATH – Terra Firma
  4. AUTARKEIA – Spectacles
  5. AUTARKEIA – Bottled Air
  6. AUTARKEIA – Spent
  7. AUTARKEIA – Concrete Walls