With Child 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

We’ve been nothing short of obsessed with the new Dangus Tarkus record, so we felt it appropriate and downright necessary to stock some LPs from Dangus’s other band Nancy. It’s easy to make comparisons to bands like The Ramones and The Queers, but Nancy has both the charm and chops to set them apart, with an essential blend of garage rock ‘n’ roll, power pop, and bubblegum punk whose catchiness cannot be overstated!

“Debut full-length from this great, underrated power-pop band and I have to say I’m completely blown away. I generally have a pretty low tolerance for bubblegum-punk, but Nancy do it absolutely perfectly. As on their earlier releases, they still sound a lot like the Jabbers thanks to their straightforward punk arrangements and rather high-pitched vocals, though Nancy are even sillier and more over the top than the Jabbers (this is like Muff Divers-level silliness I’m talking about here!). At its core, this is simple, Ramones-influenced punk, and at the end of the day could be compared with 90s bands like the Queers or 00s bands like the Spits as anything else, and while that is a very crowded tradition, Nancy separate themselves from the pack with truly great songs. You may not want to like this, but once it’s on your turntable I guarantee you’ll have a very, very difficult time removing it.” – Sorry State Records

Track List

  1. (I’m A) Celebrity
  2. (Why Am I) Crying?
  3. (My Old Friend) TV
  4. (I’m A) Man
  5. (Ode)
  6. (Get The) Revvup
  7. (Tuff) Mama
  8. (I Wish I Was) Albino
  9. (Me) And The Boys