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Streaks Of Terror 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 800 copies
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These Northern Virginia shredders slay through nine songs (including a sick Violence cover) with a youthful passion on this full-length album. The fast parts bring to mind bands like Catharsis or His Hero Is Gone, but with more melody to balance everything out. The chunky, metal riffage is highlighted by thunderous drumming with enough blasts and breakdowns to destroy a small country. Finally, a record that does this band justice. Magic Bullet released the CD version while Handstand rocked the vinyl.

Release Notes

800 LPs were mastered by John Golden and pressed through United. The first 200 have black ink silkscreened on one of four colors of cardboard: maroon, gray, beige, and brown. About half of those came with patches and about 50 have streaks of nailpolish on them. The remaining 600 are in black jackets with glued goldenrod covers and a shit ton of inserts.

CD version released on Magic Bullet Records


Track List

  1. 9-5 RSVP
  2. Beyond Recognition
  3. Never Say Never
  4. Scouring For Any Signs of Life
  5. Pecking Order
  6. Seen And Not Heard…
  7. …Biting Your Tongue Off
  8. Disappearing Act
  9. Eternal Nightmare (Vio-lence)

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