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Crestfallen CD

The final EP from Virginia punk demolition team CRESTFALLEN. A fast, heavy, and soul-exploding stench of metal, thrash, screamo, and grind odors, brought on an epic melodic wind, and shredded in a tornado of pit-inducing mosh energy. Five high-energy tracks of fast and passionate punk-influenced metallic hardcore. Good ol’ fist-raising, circle-pit-inducing music at it’s finest with an undeniable grind influence and plenty of epic melodic parts to keep you on your toes, and guest vocal apperances from VA’s finest (PIG DESTROYER’s JR Hayes, PAGENINETYNINE’s Chris Taylor). Members of PG99 played on this, and members of CRESTFALLEN went on to form/join WILDILDLIFE, PYGMY LUSH, HEAVENS, HARAM, C-REX, PIZZA, DEAD TO ME, HOLLYWOOD, MEAN JEANS, and about a million more. Plus the two “hidden” cover songs on this make it worth it alone…

Track List

  1. Backlashed
  2. Spread Bald Eagle
  3. Rogue Rodeo
  4. Sucker Punks Fuck Off
  5. Early To Bed, Early To Rise Again
  6. Untitled
  7. Minor Threat
  8. Human Fly