Daylight Savings / Small Moves 2×7″ Flexi

Clear Vinyl

Borrowing from both their classical-music training and early forays into indie rock, Verdigrls’ Anna and Catherine Wolk have been crafting their unique sound since grade school. The Connecticut-bred sisters left their rural childhood home for the crowded streets of New York and began working at songs that would become their debut EP, 2014’s Heartbreak Hour, whose title track snuck onto both the big and small screens (Marvel’s The Fantastic Four and MTV’s Scream, respectively), propelling the duo to keep fine-tuning their introverted brand of bedroom pop.

Though vulnerable, Verdigrls’ DIY music is far from defeated. Over the course of their songs, Anna and Catherine make honest attempts to understand the world, even when fear, depression, and anxiety sometimes hinders their ability to explore it. Restrained vocals find height on swells of violin and cello, somber synths find light among self-aware lyrics—it’s a delicate balance the sisters instinctively provide each other, showing how they continue to tinker with the world they’ve built together.