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DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Tight Phantomz

Silk Prison 2xLP

Orange Vinyl | 500 copies

In 2006, with the departure of his bandmates and the dissolution of label Southern Records, producer/head Phantom Mike Lust set out on a free-association songwriting kick that would lend itself to two separate song cycles. The working title from day one was Silk Prison. Recorded entirely in Lust’s Phantom Manor studio, it wouldn’t be until Spring 2009 that he had enough material to tie the two discs together in a cohesive manner. The result, Silk Prison, is a return to the long forgotten album format, a direct defiance of today’s disposable mp3 generation. Though it’s a dark trip, it carries the same self-deprecating thread as classic drunken Replacements channeled through Sabbath. There’s noise, psychedelia, and all the classic reference points of any great record collection. This 36 song beast comes in the physical form as an orange vinyl gatefold double LP with ultra glossy jacket, insert, and download code. Limited to 500 copies.