Lentic Waters

The Path 12″ LP

Black Vinyl
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Lentic Waters from Munster, Germany has been flattening forests with their swirling wall of sound for a few years now. This monster of an LP continues with huge and heavy screamo laced hardcore coupled with epic building instrumental passages bringing elements of post-metal and doom to the table. Definitely a dark and emotional masterpiece, complete with a large lyrics booklet with some additional writings. Split label release with IFB Records, React With Protest, Maniyax, Suspended Soul, Deadwood, and Zegema Beach.


Track List

  1. Absent
  2. A Temporary Quest
  3. Another Sleepless Night Of Despair
  4. Exile
  5. Glasshouse
  6. The Hour
  7. Between The Spheres
  8. The Grid
  9. Abyss