James Alexander Darkforce / Bookwar

Split 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

After several solo releases on Attenuation Circuit, Russian artist Bookwar teams up with countryman James Alexander Darkforce, whose moniker gives a clue as to the sound of his tracks: 80s electro meets 90s trip hop in a gloomy mélange that manages to give familiar elements of these genres an unheard new twist while Bookwar’s electropop with rap vocals adds an occasional, if ironic, touch of pop bliss. Darkforce offers five tracks that alternate between instrumental and vocal, while Bookwar brings four vocal-dominated tracks to the album. For a split whose individual tracks were not co-composed in the first place, this is a remarkably consistent release which, clocking in at about 33 minutes, has something like the perfect duration for a pop album.

Track List

  1. James Alexander Darkforce Ice fields (instrumental)
  2. Читай Букварь | Bookwar День Народного Единства (remake)
  3. James Alexander Darkforce Титаны Уходящих Времен
  4. Читай Букварь | Bookwar Притопы
  5. James Alexander Darkforce Новые Биоконструкторы
  6. Читай Букварь | Bookwar Гог и Магог (loud remix on Red Drugon)
  7. James Alexander Darkforce Noisy 90’s (instrumental)
  8. Читай Букварь | Bookwar Колобок
  9. James Alexander Darkforce Подражание Диме Беслану
  10. Читай Букварь | Bookwar Redt (remake)
  11. James Alexander Darkforce Cтарый Моряк
  12. Читай Букварь | Bookwar Электронные Коты (instrumental)