Five Bayonets Of Happiness 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

Russian vocalist and composer Bookwar shows a different side of his musical personality here. This is dark, melodic post-punk pop that sounds much more like Tuxedomoon than like the hip hop of Bookwar’s first release on ac, “Deconstruction”. Yet still Bookwar’s characteristic spoken-word vocals bind the whole thing together. With tracks named after intellectual icons such as “Burroughs” and “Nietzsche”, Bookwar picks up where he left off when paying tribute to philosopher Jacques Derrida on “Deconstuction”. Musically, the album is a blend of dark, bass synthesizer heavy 80s-style synth pop and punk-flavoured guitar distortion, with a series of guest musicians adding contributions to individual tracks.

Track List

  1. Берроуз | Burroughs
  2. Весело! | Merrily!
  3. Лес | Forest
  4. Ницше | Nietzsche
  5. Молодость | Adolescence
  6. Молодость Live | Adolescence Live
  7. Берроуз Live | Burroughs Live
  8. Тихие Страницы | Silent Pages
  9. Коллайдер | Collider
  10. Оля Во Сне | Olya in dream