Volume One: Erion Speaks CD

Alone stood the spirit of the Hyperwülff, deprived of his worldly body. Lingering atop the remains of what he could once call Home. Erion IX, the Bearer of Light. Contemplating sparse clouds of dust and errand debris, maddening rage in His eyes. Had he still claws, they would be ripping through those vile hordes; the final act of liberation. Flowing onto His fiery mane. He speaks through fangs.

TRANSLATION: Heavy-ass sludge metal/hardcore from Italy

Track List

  1. Impactor/White Heat
  2. Hyperwülff
  3. Robogoat
  4. Entering
  5. 20 Pillar
  6. In Ruins
  7. Raging Hunger/Glandula
  8. Several Bones