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Fine Motor

Giant Woman 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

Weightless vocals and soft sounds dwell together in Fine Motor’s newest album Giant Woman. The sound of guitars and bass almost swallow the vocals and put them in the background, which is sometimes a little sad because the lyrics are beautifully poetic. The entire album is great to kick back and relax to. The album has a summer vibe, so it’s perfect to bring a little warmth and good feelings into the minds of the audience.

Track one “Follow You” has amazing bass solos, which resemble the unplugged cover version of “The Man Who Sold The World” by Nirvana, but less grungy. “Who Will Greet You at Home” has more dominant vocals, which get accompanied by an up-tempo beat that invites listeners to dance along in the living room.

Following this, the album becomes a little slower with “Low Sun,” the vocals now almost feel like singing right into your ears, which gives the whole song an intimate aura, especially with the clapping solo. At this moment, it is just the band and the individual listener. “Telephone” continues with a slow tempo, and at this point, it’s easy to get lost in the angelic vocals. “In Event” starts rather quiet with a little piano solo but gains on tempo and feelings mid-song. It’s the high point of the song. The start of the title track “Giant Woman” has almost fantastic elements, with acoustic instruments and the hypnotic voice.

“Universe” and “Tightrope Walker” are probably the most relaxing songs on the album, they feel like a lazy Sunday at home, comfortable and like there is nothing to worry about. Both songs seem to melt into each other and it’s not particularly easy to distinguish them from each other. Compared to those two songs “Halcyon Blue” has a darker feeling to it. An ominous sound with hopeful strakes that continue to glimmer through during the entirety of the song. “Rooftop” has the potential to become someone’s being-in-love-anthem. In the beginning, it’s dreamy pop mixed with heartfelt lyrics and vocals, but then the song becomes stronger and electric—a little like relationships.

“Ground on Feet” gives the album a whole circle moment, the sound gets grungier again, but the vocals stay soft and almost hopeful. A good ending for the record.

Giant Woman is a solid album; at times, the songs sound more or less like they are just one long continuous song.


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Fine Motor

Fine Motor 12″ LP