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SKYMENDER “If And Only” CD/LP out now!

Fresh out of Washington, D.C., Skymender emerges with an immersive sound and a siren’s force. Self-described as shoegaze-adjacent, Skymender invite you into a gauzy dreamworld on their debut album “If and Only” out now! Limited edition orange vinyl released by Steadfast Records, and CD digipak version on Handstand.

“This debut LP comes 30-35 years after U.K. shoegaze’s heyday? Yet they seem like a dreampop “everything bagel,”… tantalizing double-play of string-bending Valentines (Shields, Butcher) and frothy frizzy Cocteau Twins (Guthrie) guitars against sighing male and especially female (Lush/Slowdive) vocals (Benenyi/Goswell), Skymender also nod gently to more local bygones Lilys and even Shudder to Think”

-Jack Rabid, Big Takeover Magazine