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The Shondes

Brighton 12″ LP

Black Vinyl
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“The Shondes are the band that all 30-something queers needed in high school but couldn’t find. Fortunately, now they’re here, and their infectious violin-augmented rock and roll anthems are just as worthy of playing way too loud and singing along to at the top of your lungs as they would have been if you’d heard them as a teenager. They’re poppy without being cheesy, political without being trite, and just all around super nice people.”
– Huffington Post’s “12 Freedom Fighting Bands To Get You Through The Trump Years”

“Riot grrrl radicalism wed to classically structured songs, distortion pedals, clashing vocals, and powerful lyrics.”
– Village Voice

“The Best Queer, Jewish, Transgender Rock Band Ever”
– The Advocate

Track List

  1. Everything Good
  2. True North
  3. The Clearing
  4. Carrion Crow
  5. My Ghost
  6. Wrong Kind
  7. The House
  8. Holding Out
  9. Unstill Ones
  10. Nightwatch