The Cloth

Number One 7″

White Vinyl | 200 copies

#2 in the Reptilian Records KEYSTONE NOISE SERIES.

We’re not sure what environmental contaminant is responsible for the recent uptick in ass whomping Philly noise rock, but we’re into it, and The Cloth is our newest trophy wife. On this debut four song EP, the hard-gigging, beer-shotgunning trio lay down a dirty, feedback drenched urgency not unlike Pg.99, Karp, or the terrifying sonic autism of Hammerhead. Mega distorted guitar chords collapse onto one another, and over that, vocals that sound as threatened as they are threatening. Jerky, angular rhythms slide into nasty Eyehategod groove swamps. The pacing is relentless, and with this much sonic storm and stress, it’s hard not to draw favorable and mutual comparisons with local brethren Faking, and that’s a damn good thing, because they’re both on Reptilian. As long as The Cloth keeps drinking the same polluted water, be on the look out for a full length in 2015.

Track List

  1. Touched
  2. Leech Farmer
  3. Reap
  4. Landsickness
  5. Skinless