Handstand Records

DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Suicide Generation

Prisoner of Love 7″

Black Vinyl

Ever since Suicide Generation exploded in London like a dirty bomb blast in December 2016, they have morphed into various incarnations to quickly become an eagerly devoured proposition in the capital’s hi-energy rock ‘n’ roll scene with their chaotic and explosive shows; their attack and intent as unpredictable as their sound.

After signing a two-album deal with Dirty Water Records, they released in July 2017 their first Lp ”1st Suicide”, just a few months after a split single on No Front Teeth Records and a year after that, their second Lp ”Last Suicide”. Off the back of critical acclaim from the international music press, the band would then notch up a few European tours including a number of festivals, elevating their status as young, fast-rising upstarts on everyone’s radar. After various line-up changes around the core songwriting partnership of lead singer Sebastian Melmoth and guitarist Vince Suicide, the band Recorded in April 2019 6 new songs with their good friend Patrice Picard.

Deploying the finest vintage analog gear, Patrice and the boys bashed out 6 gloriously filthy lo-fi tracks action-packed with high-powered rock ‘n’ roll numbers and the tapes were then handed over to world-famous wizard producer Jim Diamond who tied the whole damned thing together.