Anemia – Cassette Tape

40 copies

Kkidss are back with another release on Rok Lok! Picking up where the last cassette, “Candy” left off “Anemia” finds Christopher Edwards (the brilliant mind behind Kkidss), expanding his sonic repertoire as his brand of lofi bedroom folk/ramshackle pop finds veers of into more of a shoegaze/noise pop edge at times. Edwards seamlessly melds together dark, introspective lyrics with hiss laden acoustic guitars, tremolo overload ed distorted guitars, a swooning voice, tape manipulation, and dirgy drum machines. Kkidss is reminiscent of a cross between Smog, Two Dollar Guitar and Sonic Youth. Eighteen lofi bedroom popgaze churners packed into one C-60 cassette. “Anemia” is limited to an edition of 40 home dubbed (in real time) white clam shell cassettes, full color printed labels, and a full color, numbered j-card.

Track List

  1. Summertime
  2. Porcelain
  3. Cyanide
  4. Tender Violence
  5. American Spirit
  6. Nature is Boring
  7. Down In The Marrow
  8. Anemia
  9. Mama’s In The Kitchen (Kids In The Oven)
  10. My Little Candle
  11. Amy
  12. Free Holly
  13. Crimes
  14. Always
  15. Bad Milk
  16. The Ransom Note
  17. Sleeping Pills
  18. Kleenex