Crudforms Vol. 1-3 CD

Hoaries is Jeff Helland (Vocals, Guitar), Britt Robisheaux (Guitar), Clay Stinnett (Drums) and John Newberry (Bass). After the dissolution of Jeff’s previous band White Drugs (Amphetamine Reptile), his attention was focused on making urgent, visceral, aggressive music that could be quickly captured and replicated honestly on stage. They will bring the ROCK to your face with nuanced melodies and articulate rhythms, a solid groove amidst disjointed, angular chaos. There’s a certain COWS-like flavor to the lyrics and delivery, which is delicious, and the spirit of Halo of Flies circles this pile. Hoaries are hard to classify: more YES Wave than No Wave, it’s more Chaos Theory than Math Rock!

This CD is a RE-MIXED and RE-MASTERED collection of the three sold out seven inch EPs released by HOARIES on Dreamy Life Records. Limited edition of 300 released to coincide with their July 2019 tour.

“… Hoaries is a very sharp, snarling and surprisingly sparkling noise-rock….’ – perte & fracas — www.perteetfracas.org

“…The three EPs of this band from Dallas radiate with quite varied noise rock, which holds excellent the balance between chaos and structure …’
” — onetwoxu.de

“…tightly coiled noise rock that lashes out with terse guitar stabs and shouted vocals. Lots of elements that you will undoubtedly find enjoyment in (so long as you enjoy a good challenge [physical and mental]). And you like bands like Arcwelder, Bitch Magnet, Johnboy, and maybe a Steel Pole Bath Tub. That type of thing.” — shinygreymonotone.blogspot.com

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