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Eternal Black

Slow Burn Suicide 12″ LP

Red Vinyl

Thick, fuzzed out doom metal/stoner rock from the bowels of Brooklyn. Massive low end, monstrous drums, and riffs like molasses. The heaviness is balanced out by a few moody instrumental bits to disarm the listener before being pummeled again.

Old school doom. Simple and classic, massive low end, monstrous drums, and big, down tuned riffs can make the emptiest of souls feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. With their second album, Slow Burn Suicide, Brooklyn, New York’s Eternal Black deliver old school doom in spades. The band most definitely carries their inspiration on their sleeves, you can hear the sounds of Saint Vitus throughout the record as the bands massive sound and growled, dark lyrics plunge deep into the heart and soul of the listener. While the style is old school, the sound is impressive, the record is impressively recorded and played with precision and a style all their own. Slow Burn Suicide is a testament to old school doom and the mighty power that it delivers. If you dig Saint Vitus, Orange Goblin, or the like, you definitely need to check out Eternal Black. They are worthy carriers of the torch for all things Doom. Dig on it!”

– Outlaws Of The Sun blog

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