Shoot In The Dark 12″ LP

Random Mix Colored Vinyl | 500 copies

DAKOTA/DAKOTA, for those of you who might not know, is an instrumental indie/math rock band that broke up approximately 15 years ago. Mike Sullivan (Russian Circles), Colin DeKuiper (ex-Russian Circles, RLYR, Bloodiest) and Jim Myers (JOB) started the band in college in the early 00s and basically invented all the tricks that the emo revival bands are incorporating into their music today (ok they didn’t invent finger-tapping, but they made it much less embarrassing for non-metal bands to do it).

This contains the entire Dakota/Dakota discography including the Shoot in the Dark full length, as well as bonus tracks from the Redline Distribution 2004 sampler, their out of print split 7″ with Riddle of Steel, the two b-sides from the Hamburger Help Us 7″, and an unreleased demo track. Now also includes the original 2 song Dakota/Dakota demo.