Your Gaze

Nosedive CD

200 copies

“From Nashville, TN comes a twisted turn of events called Your Gaze. There’s a spooky recording looming around called Noisedive. It’s an odd one. This is totally something me from 1996-1998 would be into. It’s got this nostalgic feel to it, like the music I would listen to in my late teens/early twenties when girls would break up with me. Like, if My Bloody Valentine dated The Smiths, various aging ’80s goth bands, & Soul Whirling Somewhere, but all decided to call it quits, started hanging out with Lycia instead, OD’ed together, and the remaining members of darkwave bands from the ’90s all found their dead bodies in a pile in the middle of the room, along with miles and miles of recorded reel to reel music.” – Nerve Salad

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