Primeval Mountain CD

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“More brilliant outsider USBM weirdness from The Reverand J.R. Preston, whose name you might recognize from bands like Tjogtjar, Blood Cult, and Enbilulugugal, and as pretty much one of the key focal figures around the Dipsomanic and Illinoisian Thunder labels. Those two imprints are essentially ground zero for an entire swarm of demented, inebriated black metal sounds coming out of the basements and bedrooms of middle America right now. Sure, everyone into black metal knows about the austere psychedelic black haze appearing over the West Coast that’s been summoned by outfits like Xasthur, Leviathan, Draugar, and Crebain, but there’s also an even weirder, skuzzier black crud emanating from places like the garages of Illinois, a gritty, low-fi, absurdist black metal weaned on 80′s horror VHS tapes, cheap musical equipment, Nintendo games, Venom LPs, and dirtweed. Tjolgtjar has been leading this charge with their crazed black metal-meets-70′s classic rock fury and trans-dimensional mythos, but there’s other sounds we’re hearing that might be even more fucked up and warped, if that’s possible…like Xexyz, another permutation of the Reverand’s mutant psyche. This half-hour disc came out in 2006 and is now totally sold out from the label, but we’ve got a small stash of copies left. What’s so cool about Xexyz? Crack open this grim-looking disc, packaged in cruddy laser-printer spewed artwork, and yer quickly infested with an assault of blurry, buzzy low-fi black metal that has replaced the ominous keyboards with 8-bit Nintendo music. That’s right, not only does Xexyz use a Nintendo for their electronic melodies, but they have crafted entire songs around the looping game soundtracks for classic cartridges like Metroid, Rygar, and more. Buzzing, Burzumic riffs and weird dissonant chords ride on blasting trashcan drumming alongside those classic game themes and weird mewling Muppet vocals, and the marriage of classic NES game themes and grungy basement BM ends up sounding pretty fucking awesome! There’s eight songs on this disc, all of ‘em fading out into nothingness (remember the original game scores didn’t have an ending, they just looped over and over again for eternity), and the last two tracks are the most abstracted: ‘Garloz’ is a druggy murk of guitars and 8-bit music running backwards for trippy, screwed up effect, and ‘Attack Of The Great Panther’ is an absolute brainmelt of pixelated NES glitches, spluttery blastbeats, and croaked Satanic utterances. Pretty freaking great!”
– Crucial Blast Records