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World’s Fair

We Can’t Be Magic – Cassette Tape

Orange Cassette

Even though it has been four years since the release of their debut album “Leisurely”, Long Island indie rockers World’s Fair have been diligently tinkering away, crafting new sounds all while balancing the responsibilities, and other interests of life. In the time allotted for the band to come together to create the last few years they have put together a collection of ten songs for their sophomore album, “We Can’t Be Magic”. Continuing to build upon the hook laden, guitar driven indie rock that was captured on their debut, “We Can’t Be Magic” adds to its sonic repertoire as the album’s songs shift from experimenting more with layered pop structures, a stronger focus on vocal arrangements to slower tempos and even “quieter” moments while coming back to its trademark swirling, distorted guitar sounds that is anchored by precise bass rumbles and dynamic yet purposeful drumming. World’s Fair creates sounds that are reminiscent of bands such as Archers of Loaf, Built to Spill, Swirlies, Yuck, Sebadoh and on this album showing some post hardcore influences such as Hum and Lync.

Track List