War On Women

Improvised Weapons 10″ EP

Green Vinyl

In 2012, War On Women released their debut EP, Improvised Weapons, on Exotic Fever Records, an assured and fully realized document of the band’s sound and philosophy. War On Women write songs too inventive and too loud to be overshadowed by their equally powerful messages. And their furious, confrontational live sets capture all the brevity and intensity of hardcore punk with a whole other level of lyrical and musical sophistication. War On Women’s songs attack the sexist attitudes and institutionalized patriarchy women everywhere still face in the 21st century with humor, intelligence, righteous anger and monster riffs. “Broken Record” sneers back at misogynist catcalls, while “Effemimania,” named after a term coined by transgender activist Julia Serano, calls for the same kinds of united efforts across and beyond gender lines collectively represented by the two women and three men in War On Women.