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War Honey

Sweeter Than The Average Fudge CD

150 copies

“Sweeter Than The Average Fudge” sees War Honey maintaining the dense atmospheres and jazz-influenced chord progressions that defined their previous releases, while also venturing into heavier musical territory.

This burgeoning young Brooklyn band is expert in dramatic dynamic songwriting, driven by the soaring operatic vocals of Gabrielle Dana that incorporate socially conscious and often surrealist lyricism. Ben Fitts’ ethereal guitar work reverberates across a vast sonic landscape, with mesmerizing melodies and noisy ambient elements.

Dana and Fitts originally met as teenagers at band camp. After several years of being in different bands, playing everything from blues to extreme metal, the two decided to finally work together and formed War Honey in 2019.

War Honey are truly phenomenal, an almost transcendent musical experience unlike any band you’ve ever heard.

This album compiles both War Honey EPs and two singles with a reimagined song order in a CD digipak, including an 8-page booklet of lyrics and artwork.

Track List

Even Sleep is Exhausting
Forage for Porridge
Stupid Stature
Shard to Shatter
Psychopathic Performance Art
Halfwit Banquet
I Don’t Blame the Rats

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