Violent Minds

Eyes Of Death 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

Repress of the glorious hardcore classic album EYES OF DEATH by Violent Minds, remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege with two bonus tracks. The repress also includes new art from Raf the Might/Too Many Skulls. For the uninitiated, Violent Minds was/is Zach Amsters who temporarily relocated to Toronto to join No Warning in early 2000s. They wrote two incredible 7”s (s/t and Riot) and then in 2007 this monster album was recorded along with a few Philadelphia locals. Fast forward to 2012, Zach assembles a different crew in Boston and records a handful of new tracks with Chris Cory at the Paincave studio. This repress includes 2 tracks (Prison Planet & False Prophets) from this 2012 session. Features members of No Warning, Fucked Up, Boston Strangler, Mind Eraser, No Tolerance, Shark Attack, The Rival Mob.

Track List

  1. Brutality
  2. The Death Toll
  3. Fight Authority
  4. Search And Destroy
  5. Society´s Threat
  6. Eyes Of Death
  7. Prison Planet (Bonus)
  8. We All Die
  9. Riot
  10. Nuclear Nightmare
  11. Low Life
  12. Face The Noise
  13. Wolfblood
  14. False Prophets (Bonus)