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Extraterra 12″ LP

Blue Vinyl

From the icy indie-meets-noise infused grunge of “Sixty Shades of Cray”, to the sprawling ethereal doom of the title track, Vaureen‘s Extraterra is an atmospheric trip through the fuzz and fervor of the mid-90s and the modern scene influenced by that era. The debut record from this Brooklyn trio operates on equal parts of gloom and brightness, delivering songs that are both brooding and full of pop sensibility. Tracks like “Stare Into the Sun” fall into both of the aforementioned categories with its hazy alternative rock feel that converges with walls of shoegaze fuzz, complete with infectious vocal performances. Tracks such as “Dig a Hole” is more straightforward in its brooding slow-burn, conjuring dreary doom rock that calls early Chelsea Wolfe material to mind. Layers of effect-laden guitars and buzzing melodies collide in a swirl of kaleidoscopic colors on “Apocalypse II”, while “Forms Beyond My Own” behaves like desert rock through the lens of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Vaureen proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, but have no issue deviating from the tired-and-true formula, as well as meld influences. Vaureen are clearly one of the better modern practitioners of the style.“ -svbterranean.net