Various Artists

Save You – Compilation 7″ EP

Black Vinyl | 2000 copies
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Musically, visually, and conceptually this is a great record dedicated to suicide prevention. Proceeds are donated to suicide prevention centers in the NYC metropolitan area. The four bands featured on this comp are SoIHadToShootHim, C.R., Devoid of Faith, and The Judas Iscariot. The layout, though often relegated to a secondary position, really makes this a stand apart record. There is an excellent moment on the inside front cover that you should just experience. The writings and band contributions are also excellent and worth owning just for that. Not to mention the cover art by the omnipresent Myles Karr.

Track List

  1. SOIHADTOSHOOTHIM – Combination Lock
  2. C.R. – Father’s Little Failure
  3. DEVOID OF FAITH – Inherent
  4. THE JUDAS ISCARIOT – Young Werther and Sisyphus