Various Artists

Decide On Change – Compilation 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 1000 copies

Mountain is pleased to announce the release of our latest benefit compilation: The DECIDE ON CHANGE LP. This record will raise money for the NYC More Gardens Coalition, who work to preserve endanged public green space. It features 20 tracks from 12 great hardcore punk rock bands from around the world. The booklet has info on all the bands, the More Gardens Coalition, and some words about the idea of public space activism.

Since the compilation idea began, NYC has been hit by terrorists, Guilliani has left his evil throne to Bloomberg, and the country has gone war-mad. These things don’t diminish the importance of saving precious public space, especially green space, from greedy developers. More Gardens uses a diverse range of tactics in their fight, from exhaustive legal measures in the courts to celebratory rallies and garden events. Check out their website for the most recent news and contact info.

Track List

  1. STRAIGHT TO HELL – Meeting Our Maker
  2. STRAIGHT TO HELL – Poison Planet
  3. SCHOLASTIC DETH – Warcore I
  5. ESPERANZA – Bad Faith
  6. COCKROACH – Does Age Matter?
  7. COCKROACH – Puke Your Frustrations
  8. SELF DEFENSE – Pick Your King of Beers
  9. SELF DEFENSE – Some Kind of Miserable
  10. DIALLO – Stencilled Slogans on Crumbling Walls
  11. SOMETHING IN THE WATER – Justified and Full of It
  12. SOMETHING IN THE WATER – Resist Control
  13. TOTALITAR – Tom Information
  14. TOTALITAR – Partipolitik
  15. BALANCE OF TERROR – Invisible Class
  16. BALANCE OF TERROR – Glossed Over
  17. LAST SECURITY – Thank You God
  18. MELEE – Clearcut Bretton Woods
  19. MELEE – Destroy the Negativity
  20. VUUR – Art.xx