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Cool Kids Belong Together: A Tribute to Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Fever To Tell” – Compilation 12″ LP

Red Vinyl | 300 copies

EWEL Records is releasing a limited edition vinyl tribute to Yeah Yeah Yeahs debut full length Fever To Tell for its 20 year anniversary on Record Store Day this year. The Brooklyn label is paying tribute to the album with a compilation of 12 local Brooklyn bands taking on a song a piece from the same locale that spawned these songs a little over 20 years ago.

Similarly to how Television, The New York Dolls, and The Ramones amongst others established the lower east side of Manhattan as the cultural center point of rock in roll in the late 70s, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, The Strokes, and TV On The Radio established Brooklyn as the new center of rock music at the start of the millennium. While EWEL records sets out to document the scene that it finds itself part of in 2023, it takes a breath to pay tribute to one of the records that first put its hometown on the map.

EWEL Records, centered around the DIY space the East Williamsburg Econo Lodge, has compiled a collection of local Brooklyn mainstays that all count Fever To Tell as one of the records that landed them in the borough making music. Veteran Brooklyn acts like A Very Special Episode, The Black Black, Desert Sharks, and Kissed By An Animal, rip through the debut album from Yeah Yeah Yeahs with both love and ferocity as they pay homage to the band that helped to establish their hometown as a rock mecca.


  1. “Rich” – Ilithios
  2. “Date With The Night” – The Black Black
  3. “Man” – Phantom Handshakes
  4. “Tick” – Gorgeous
  5. “Black Tongue” – Desert Sharks
  6. “Pin” – Nihiloceros
  7. “Cold Light” – Shadow Monster
  8. “No No No” – A Very Special Episode
  9. “Maps” – DDMD
  10. “Y Control” – The Royal They
  11. “Modern Romance” – Kissed by an Animal
  12. “Poor Song” – Awful Din

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