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DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Various Artists

A Piece Of The Beast – A Long Island / NYC Music Family Compilation 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 200 copies

This colossal compilation from Sunken Temple Records & Tokyo Fist Records features 12 crushing tracks from 12 incredible bands. The concept of this comp is the documentation of current music that grew out of previous bands and projects/people that are all inter-related in some way through art and music in New York. A family friendship develops between bands and people from the same place who perform together over the course of time. This compilation is an expression of unity and love between like-minded people/musicians from Long Island and NYC over the last 25 years and into the present time. A Piece Of The Beast is primarily representing the new bands and projects that these people are involved in, along with some very special re-incantations of sonic energy from the past, with all of the songs being exclusively available on vinyl for the first time.

A Piece Of The Beast features songs from the following bands, whose previous musical relationships/connections are noted:

  • GOSPEL (Watership Down, Knives & Greenwater, The Electric Mayhem, I Am The Resurrection, Helen of Troy)
  • STILLSUIT (Glassjaw, Burn, Die 116, Beyond, Yuppicide, Crown Of Thornz)
  • EDGAR (Tetsuo, Irony Of Lightfoot, The State Secedes, Free Republic Of Soul)
  • THE THIRD KIND (All Out War, Vice Massacre, The Last Crime)
  • HERJAZA (Murdock, Most Precious Blood, Cattlepress)
  • CHRIST HEAD (Raw Eagle, Drug Camp, Disnihil, Get the Drill, Lakota, RPOD)
  • KAIJU DAISENSO (Unearthly Trance, Tetsuo, The State Secedes, Helen of Troy)
  • TOTAL MELTDOWN (On The Might Of Princes, Spotlights, Perfect World, Aeschylus, Primitive Weapons)
  • PEMBROKE (Saetia, Off Minor, Supertouch, Lytic)
  • HEATMAP (The Bastard War, Rahim)
  • FAITHLESS (C.R., Serpico, Celebrity Murders, Kill Your Idols, Milhouse, Sheer Terror, Disnihil)
  • PEOPLES TEMPLE PROJECT (The Next Wave Of Music Brutality From Long Island)

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