Uninhabitable 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

Dark crusty punk metal from Asheville, NC. Caustic female vocals. Downtuned guitars. Ex-members of Kakistocracy. Uninhabitable add brief idylls of post-punk brooding and minimalism to their serrated crust-metal assault. A darkness pervades. The sonic equivalent of your throat filling up with blood on an absolutely still, grey day. Not a single note is wasted, as the band carefully builds towering spirals of intricate and labyrinthine metallics, before destroying the whole thing in fits of full-on rage multiplied by some truly top-notch vocal torture. Zen-like patience paired perfectly with berserker rage, the three songs on this album are full of ambition with not even the slightest hint of pretense.

Track List

  1. Banish The Throne
  2. The Duke Of Progress
  3. Se Soulever