Turn Around Norman / The Minus Tide

Split 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 1000 copies

Mountain is pleased to announce the release of a split LP between two of West Virginia’s finest hardcore outfits: TURN AROUND NORMAN and THE MINUS TIDE. The LP features two sets of blistering emotive hardcore punk, beautiful color covers, and a full-size insert. Both bands have caused a stir with earlier releases but take it up a notch here. THE MINUS TIDE are a metal-tinged sextet (double guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards) from Wheeling who’ve been compared to everything from CONVERGE to IRON MAIDEN. Morgantown’s TURN AROUND NORMAN lay down a melodic assault that has drawn them many comparisons to both the mid-90s Gravity sound and current bands such as ORCHID or YAPHET KOTTO. Dual (male/female) vocals are screamed and sung with an intensity equal to the driving music. We’re happy to have the chance to bring more West Virginian insanity into to the world.

Track List

  1. TURN AROUND NORMAN – Chapter Two
  2. TURN AROUND NORMAN – Shriven 2.0
  3. TURN AROUND NORMAN – The Origin of Jim Crow
  4. TURN AROUND NORMAN – Destined
  5. TURN AROUND NORMAN – The Very Logic
  6. THE MINUS TIDE – Intro: Illud Tempus
  7. THE MINUS TIDE – 100% Fatality
  8. THE MINUS TIDE – Immaculate Dissection
  9. THE MINUS TIDE – Die in My Moat