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Triple Fast Action

Cattlemen Don’t 2xLP

Yellow Vinyl | 300 copies
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On Cattlemen Don’t, Triple Fast Action delivers a crushing pack of intense, supercharged rockers As varied sonically as it is emotionally, Cattlemen Don’t builds on a balance of energy, melody, dynamics and harmony. Produced by John Agnello (Jawbox, Redd Kross, Dinosaur Jr.) the record is graced with the glowing guitars and irresistible hook of “I’m Ready,” the deceptive impact and infectious undertone of “If,” passionate and endearing ballads like “Eurogirl,” “Bearer of Bad News” and “Cattlemen Don’t” and the raging adrenaline rock of “Pure” and “No Doubt.”

What separates Triple Fast Action far from the pack of alterna-clones is their polished yet unrestrained songwriting. Their trademark searing rock highs and delicate, textured lows create mesmerizing tempos that rise and fall much like a rollercoaster…never ending without bringing in the noise. This startling dynamic combined with their savvy guitar-play and Wes Kidd’s charred, expressive vocals give the band its thoughtful, electric personality. And on command, Wes’ soft and soulful voice has the impressive ability to turn into a well-oiled, screaming rage machine. Triple Fast Action has achieved the improbable…where punk velocity, radio-ready hooks, indie spirit and arena rock glory cross paths and even stop to shake hands.

Triple Fast Action formed in January 1993, played their first show at Chicago’s Cubby Bear and, in 1998, played their final show at Chicago’s Metro. The band quickly earned a great deal of notoriety among Windy City tastemakers for their extraordinary musicianship and graceful yet raw performances and was one of many Chicago area acts signed to Capitol Records during the multi-year label frenzy that also snatched up bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, Smoking Popes, Veruca Salt, Hum, and Menthol, among others.

Originally released on CD by Deep Elm Records in 1997, Cattlemen Don’t is now available on vinyl for the first time courtesy of Chicago’s Forge Again Records as a gatefold 2xLP including nine bonus tracks, many of which, until now, have never been heard.

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