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Tombstones In Their Eyes

Maybe Someday 12″ LP

Clear Red Vinyl

“Sounds like slow codeine-laden bliss or drug-numbing love translated into sonic form. It’s astoundingly fresh, slowcore perfectly-balanced with alternative rock”
– Big Takeover Magazine

“A wall-trembling, skin-crawling, psychedelic-drenched, shoegaze number… Together, they bottle up a raging, Midwestern storm and unleash its fury”
– The Revue

“Wistful and otherworldly vocals.. a druggy and melancholic trip but counterbalanced with a soaring and hopeful chorus. A worthy endeavour”
– Overblown Magazine

“Music so fresh, so expertly produced and melodically sound that it literally takes your breath away after one listen… utterly addictive”
– Primal Music

“Sky scrapping yet graceful, muscular yet intelligent… Masters of such brilliantly conflicted music and over a series of releases have carved their names above the cavernous musical maw that few are brave enough to follow them into”
– Dancing About Architecture

Track List