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Toby Foster / Evan Gornik

Split 12″ LP

Coke Bottle Clear / Black Colored Vinyl

Two great acoustic/folk/pop artists, two great people. Both Toby and Evan bring great songs to this release, and it’s an excellent introduction to vinyl for both of them.17 folk-pop songs in total about interactions between people and their community, wavering relationships, and growing up without giving up. This split record is on split colored vinyl: half black, half coke bottle clear.

Track List

  1. TOBY FOSTER – Attraction
  2. TOBY FOSTER – Warm Weather
  3. TOBY FOSTER – While I Fall Asleep
  4. TOBY FOSTER – Six Hours Of Sleep
  5. TOBY FOSTER – Smokestacks
  6. TOBY FOSTER – Hardly Ever
  7. TOBY FOSTER – I Believe In You
  8. TOBY FOSTER – Comfortable
  9. TOBY FOSTER – On The Hudson River
  10. EVAN GORNIK – Take You With Me
  11. EVAN GORNIK – Broken Hearts
  12. EVAN GORNIK – Movies
  13. EVAN GORNIK – Big Shoes
  14. EVAN GORNIK – Easy
  15. EVAN GORNIK – Electricity
  16. EVAN GORNIK – Miss My Friends
  17. EVAN GORNIK – Growing Up