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Its good to know there are still people out there that appreciate the likes of Botch and Deadguy. With the amount of wanky cheese metal crud that has quickly risen to popularity, it leads me to believe that that these types are becoming far outnumbered. However there are those out there that are still standing firm and Tigon is easily one of those as heard on their debut self-titled EP that they’ve recently self-released. This five song EP is a quick blast of jagged animosity filled rock that also draws a bit from the west coasts bountiful post-hardcore past as well. It’s sort of refreshing to be able to still get into something like this still. Tigon do an excellent job at channeling some of the best aspects of their influences and managing to still make it sound fresh. Despite it being self-released, this isn’t some garage job by any means and obviously a lot of time and effort went into recording this and the results pretty much speak for themselves. I appreciate the fact that Tigon don’t try and simply over do it. It seems anymore it’s either about how fast and technical a band can possibly get or veering off into some sort of form of Maiden-esque metal. Tigon do neither and I can’t thank them enough for it.