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Thinking Straight

Positive Crew – Cassette Tape

THINKING STRAIGHT is an aggressive hardcore band from Depok City Crew. Straight to the point in-your-face-hardcore, this straight edge band has no need an useless introduction, with full of melodic and harmonious guitars blend with hars and sharp vocal, these five guys always serve an agressive mosh atmosphere without give you a chance to take a deep breath while you guys see them on the stage. At the same time they dare to combine 88’youth crew style and heavy metal parts so you guys will be suprised with some unpredictable shocking parts on their music. Able to add up full of sing along positive anthem on their lyrics, this band makes the straight edge still an important part of hardcore scene. With “positive crew” their first debut album relased by Channel X records-indonesia and re-released by Diehard Collective records-hungary in 2001. Now they are already start to enter the recording studio to produce their second release. Overall, Thinking Straight makes hardcore more credible and vital.

Track List

  1. Fear Spreader
  2. Divided
  3. Positive Crew
  4. We Won’t Stop
  5. Independent Individual
  6. Go Home, Wash Your Feet & Sleep
  7. Step Forward