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Thee Electric Bastards

Live! At Club Awesome CD


Thee Electric Bastards are many things to many people and everything to nobody at all. Influenced by science fiction, 60’s psychedelic garage rock, Bowie-worship, Kinks-worship, and more than a little bit of good old-fashioned misanthropic paranoia, thee Electric Bastards sing the soundtrack to the ongoing evolution from meat-and-bone based life to the hybrid cyborg organisms we post-humans are in the process of becoming.

Once upon a time there were 5 dudes…5 handsome dudes. One day they decided that they should record an album of the songs that they played together. They thought, “we want to record an album that sounds just like we sound when we play live.” So, the sensible thing to do was just that. with the help of their pal Steve they turned their practice space that they called Club Awesome into a recording studio. They recorded all of the music live just like you would hear it at a show—no overdubs, no fancy stuff. Then, the singers—Johnny and Marc, two dudes…2 handsome dudes—sang together over the tracks that they recorded. Sometimes Steve sang with them, and on one song all 5 handsome dudes plus Steve sang together. It was a lot of fun!