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The Tender Thrill

The Tender Thrill 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 300 copies

Stepping out from the very heart of americana, The Tender Thrill is here to greet you with everything that is good and pure about rock and roll. The dust trio converts the facts of fast love, and fast life into a tambourined backbeat, a twangy guitar, and the crooning of a garage heartbreaker. The Tender Thrill truly are where the best parts of The Stone Roses, The Rolling Stones, and T-Rex flow from your AM radio. Cricket Cemetery could not be more proud to announce the release of The Tender Thrill’s first full length album. With vinyl as the only sensible format, this LP spans eight rich and dynamic tracks. From the first familiar guitar riff of, “All Night”, to the Joan Jett feel of, “In Black”, all the way to the bitter sweet organs of, “The Last Mile”, this album will stay on your record player for weeks, while you lay on your bed staring at a picture of the one you lost.

Track List

  1. All Night
  2. Geena
  3. Katy P
  4. It’s Alright
  5. Lover’s Eye
  6. In Black
  7. One And Only One
  8. The Last Mile