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The Startover


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The Startover are a band you may not know yet. They are something new and different. They have three lead singers who can manage tight vocal harmonies whilst having a hell of a lot of fun at their seriously energetic live shows as well as in the studio. Their sing-a-long choruses and 3-part vocal harmonies stick with you like an unwanted psycho ex. They blend some serious riffage with breakdowns and hooks more contagious than swine-flu! The Startover formed from the ashes of Life Sentence and 3dBs Down but merge so many different infleunces and styles to mould the individual Startover sound that they can keep even the most jaded rocker interested. Certainly their fan base has been growing massively and picking up over the last year – their early demos are burnt time and time again and their first batch of t-shirts sold out in the space of a week. The Startover played their first show just back in July 2008 but since then have been signed to Engineer Records, played The Camden Underworld with DissolvedIn & Adelaide and are playing festival slots this summer with Hundred Reasons, Ash, We Are The Ocean, Attack! Attack!, Kids In Glass Houses, Feeder and Cancer Bats. They are on the road constantly and should be playing live near you soon. These three tracks are just a taster. They have been in the recording studio working on their mini-album and it’ll be out later in the year along with a music video for a single.