The Kreutzer Sonata

Gutters of Paradise 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

“The Gutters of Paradise is a creative and well-executed slab of forward-thinking hardcore punk that deserves to be appreciated and listened to numerous times. Using chaotic hardcore as a vehicle for their ambitious ideas, The Kreutzer Sonata successfully cement their name alongside the very best of the genre.” -Metal Horizons

“Seamlessly blending visceral breakdowns and hardcore-isms with occasional technical metal structuring, the four-piece take some unexpected but powerful detours in a number of the songs here.” -Rocking Charts

“As the best bands of their subgenre have done — Morning Glory, Converge, and Code Orange, to name a few — The Kreutzer Sonata mastered chaos before transcending it. Though disorder often seems to control those who try to tame it, it’s clearly serving these Chicagoans, rather than vice-versa.” -Vinyl Sphere