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DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


The Judas Iscariot

Unreleased 12″ LP + Discography CD

Black Vinyl | 100 copies
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​A turbulent hybrid of thrashy hardcore punk and free jazz from this introspective and philosophical New York trio, whose members also did time in Countdown To Putsch and Two Man Advantage. This “lost recording” from 1999 was given proper vinyl treatment by Riotous Outburst Records. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, and comes with a 60-track CD discography.

Track List

  1. Diners Will Never Be The Same
  2. The Hackneyed Pie Theory
  3. Burn Barbie, Burn
  4. The Covert Politics Song
  5. Fucked For Solving Puzzles
  6. I, Rabble Rouser
  7. Obsolescence Killed Marx
  8. Maturation Mood Flux
  9. Catching Up With London

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