The Judas Iscariot / Seein’ Red

Split 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 4000 copies

“The Netherlands’ Seein’ Red are back at it again with twelve more lightning fast hardcore songs complete with revolutionary political messages. New York’s Judas Iscariot offer up eight songs on their side. They also play great hardcore with a political message, but they bring in a sort of emotive experimental flavor. the LP covers are different for the Mountain version which was released in the USA and the Coalition version which was released in the Netherlands (so collectors beware). Great Shit.”

– Ebullition

Release Notes

2000 copies on Mountain (this release)
2000 copies on Coalition (different cover)

Track List

  1. THE JUDAS ISCARIOT – The Godliest God
  2. THE JUDAS ISCARIOT – Proud Member Of Our Leftist Colony
  3. THE JUDAS ISCARIOT – For Ante-Bellum Ever
  4. THE JUDAS ISCARIOT – An Aphorism On Privilege
  5. THE JUDAS ISCARIOT – Holden Caulfield
  6. THE JUDAS ISCARIOT – Death Is Funny
  7. THE JUDAS ISCARIOT – Thespian Imperative
  8. THE JUDAS ISCARIOT – The Old Man Is A Harlequin
  9. SEEIN RED – Recovery, What Recovery?
  10. SEEIN RED – Sheep
  11. SEEIN RED – Bruine Hemden
  12. SEEIN RED – Chained
  13. SEEIN RED – Ghetto Building
  14. SEEIN RED – Feeling Angry
  15. SEEIN RED – Silence Is Not Golden
  16. SEEIN RED – Rascisme
  17. SEEIN RED – Smash It Up
  18. SEEIN RED – Anything Is Possible
  19. SEEIN RED – Sponge
  20. SEEIN RED – Revo-Core