The Judas Iscariot

Harrison Bergeron Bound? 7″ EP

Black Vinyl | 1600 copies

“Fast, thrashy, and messy hardcore from NY. Spastic drumming into slow, doomy parts, with scraggly, choking vocals and off time beats with virtually no song structure. Think Citizen’s Arrest goes hyperjazzcore. Damn clever packaging, too.”

– Very

“This 7” changed my life. It convinced me that hardcore really had the potential to transcend genre and sit with the other music I considered timeless. The music is innovative thrash mixed with improvisation, melody (there’s one extremely quiet, sung haunting song) and intensity. I didn’t even really “get” the record when I first listened to it, I just knew there was something in it that I had to understand so I kept listening to it over and over. And then it clicked: these guys had raised the bar on what hardcore could be. After the Judas Iscariot hardcore had to be innovative, it had to stretch me out, it had to have lyrics that need grappling with and kept me thinking about them until I figured them out. It had to have intelligent and piercing writing from all of the members of the band, it had to be carefully out together with smart and beautiful layout. And live·it had to rip your head off. Or else it just wasn’t as good. This is one of my favorite records of all time, I am indebted to it and to Mountain for putting it out.”

– Ben, MTN CIA

Track List

  1. Engineer Fatigue
  2. We’ve Got Atmosphere Control
  3. Zoot Suit Riots
  4. Ages Like Rhinoplasty
  5. Manifesto For Metal Detectors
  6. Rock The British Monarchy
  7. “Thirsty, And Gave You Drink…”
  8. An Atheist Says “G’Bless You”