The Garrison

Subversion – Cassette Tape

The only (Malaysian) band that matters. In all seriousness, the GARRISON has taken the CLASH songbook and turned it to their own ends. Slashing guitars, rabble-rousing lyrics, and the odd reggae song thrown in – check. The singer even sounds a lot like Strummer. No, it’s not that original, but they do it better than the most. I bet they are great live. They probably draw a big crowd as well. They remind me a bit of Bay Area band LA PLEBE in that way. The graphic in the booklet are funny and clever as well. I can’t really overstate how well they capture the CLASH sound. The four or five reggae tracks are a bit cod, and the album ends with a flaccid acoustic protest ballad, but the punk songs are energetic, sharp and well crafted. This is well worth watching. If they were American they’d probably be on Alternative Tentacles and touring with LEFTOVER CRACK or whoever, and blowing them off the stage. Great stuff.
– Maximum Rocknroll

Track List

  1. Dangers Of Reality
  2. River Of Rick Kids & Top Dogs
  3. Subversion Rock
  4. Socialites
  5. Parade to Freetown
  6. Media Protest
  7. The Naysayers
  8. Evil Never Lies
  9. Neanderthal Men
  10. Pagan’s Second Coming
  11. Here’s Come The Police
  12. Acheh Now
  13. Subversion Times
  14. Gimme Food