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The Blue Period

Demo 10″ EP

Black Vinyl | 300 copies
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“The Blue Period (…) clearly have good taste in not just emo, but indie rock in general. They have made 4 songs of gentle, swaying, emo + indie rock with a wintery feel. Like the low key Promise Ring stuff mixed with emo Ida.

Midwestmo bands conjure up all these images of wide open spaces, corn fields, long freight trains, melancholy kids just being a bit down on their luck and confused. Twinkly music is all pretty and wintery, little swirls of guitar that sound like snowdrops and crisp blue skies on frosty mornings. That’s what those musical descriptors mean to me, but not to many others. The Blue Period play my twinkly midwestmo and this is the most lovely music I have heard for quite some time. Besotted.”