The Austrasian Goat

Stains of Resignation 2xLP

Black Vinyl | 500 copies
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Originally started since 4 years and after a bunch of EP’s, splits and compilation records, here’s finally the second full length by THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT, one-man band project leaded by Julien Louvet. After one year of work, this record is built by 9 varied tracks, between furious black metal, atmospheric funeral doom and folk ballads, surely his best and mature work ever.

Track List

  1. Even In Uneven
  2. A Liquid Manure Of Guilt
  3. The Arsons Of Pride
  4. Arrheton
  5. Voice Of Aenima
  6. Hands
  7. No Crowd Will Be Mine
  8. Diseducation
  9. Miles From Anywhere