Test / Chepang

Split 7″

Black Vinyl | 250 copies
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A supreme display of two bands performing honestly and violently at top gear. With a large handful of EPs and 2 full lengths under their belt, TEST continue to demonstrate why they are the voice of the streets in Brazil. in their own words, “Nomadic grindcore for the people.” Side B belongs to Chepang, a Nepalese / NYC two drummer powerhouse, and an absolute vicious display of raw power and proficiency. You’ve never seen anything like Chepang live. I promise you.

“This split is about two different bands that are so far apart, from two different continents, but so close in terms of the message of the of their music and the intention to portray it with full emotion and power. Nomad Grindcore Meets Immigrindcore- Streets Meet Caves. A tale of two stories but with one ending, a celebration of life and freedom that we all deserve regardless of race, colour or religion.” – Kshitiz Moktan

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